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If you are considering deploying, or looking at ways to optimize performance, scalability, and total cost of ownership of running Oracle Database, Why Oracle Database runs best on Oracle Linux is well worth a read. This technical brief explains what makes Oracle Linux the best choice for a cloud-ready, cost-effective, and high-performance operating environment when modernizing infrastructure or consolidating Oracle Database instances.

When you deploy Oracle Database on Oracle Linux, you can have the confidence that you are deploying on an operating system backed by development teams that work closely together to optimize performance, security, mission-critical reliability, availability, and serviceability. Because Oracle’s applications, middleware, and database products are developed on Oracle Linux, you’ll be deploying on an extensively tested solution, whether it be on-premises or in Oracle Cloud.

For Oracle Database workloads, advantages are afforded by the operating system’s deep integration with the solution stack, optimizations resulting from Oracle’s upstream Linux kernel work and industry collaborations, and enhancements delivered in the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) for Oracle Linux. In this paper, you will discover how Oracle Linux provides performance, scalability, and resource management optimizations for Oracle Database deployments. You’ll learn about the innovative solution, Oracle Database Smart Flash Cache that runs on OL and helps accelerate I/O operations for database workloads. 

With Oracle Linux Support, your software environment is backed by the expertise of Oracle’s global 24×7 support organization, regardless of whether you deploy on Oracle servers, Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), certified partner hardware, or other public clouds. You also receive management and high availability solutions at no additional charge, which helps reduce the TCO of your database infrastructure. Additionally, when you deploy Oracle Database on OCI, all the benefits of Oracle Linux Support and more are provided at no additional cost.

To find out more about these and other Oracle Linux advantages for Oracle Database, download a copy of the technical brief: Why Oracle Database Runs Best on Oracle Linux today.


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